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Anna Beller is an experimental painter and digital artist from Berlin working in Hannover. She experiments with colour relationships and its transparencies in different painting techniques. Her 'Lacquer Studies' balance between mechanical repetition and natural  color flow and got acquired by the 'Anne + Michael Spalter Digital Art collection' and exhibited by 'Verse', 'Expanded Art' and 'VERTICAL'.

In combination with her architectural background Anna is following a minimalist digital art route, recently adding a pen-plotter to find an experimental symbiosis between human and automatic art expression

Group Exhibitions 2023-2024

// 'Generative Abstraction and Beyond' Expanded Art + Verse, 01/2023, Berlin

// 'Generative Architecture. The Making of a Room.' ​A collaboration with Alejandro Campos - Verse, 06/2023, Online Exhibition

// 'Analog goes Digital' / 26. Zinnober - Trafolab / Franz Betz, 09/2023, Hannover

// 'FEMGEN' A group exhibition feat. 6 leading female artists working with generative systems - Glitch Gallery, 09/2023, Texas / Marfa 

// Art Salon Paris ‘Node to Node’ - 10/2023 Kate Vass Gallery, Paris 

// 'ON/ OFF SCREEN' - 11/2023 VERTICAL Gallery Show, London 

Interviews & Artist Statements 2022-2024

// 'Can painters succeed as NFT artists?' for 'Right Click Save' - 10/2022 with Danielle King (CFO/COO of ClubNFT & former manager of the Department of Painting and Sculpture at The Museum of Modern Art, New York)

// 'The Mind, Body and Soul of Abstract Art' for Expanded Art - 03/2023 with Margaret Murphy

// About 'Lacquer Works' for the 'Spalter Digital' acquisition 02/2024


• 1984 Born in West-Berlin

• 2008 B.Sc.Arch. TU Berlin

• 2011 M.Sc.Arch. TU Berlin 

• 2006-2010 Tutor at the Fine Arts Dep. TU Berlin 

• 2011-2019 Employed Architect in CH / UK / GER

• 2019-2022 Student at the 'Academy of Painting Berlin' 

• Since 2022 Experimental Painting, Digital Art, Creative Coding

• Since 2024 member of the association of visual artists Hannover (BBK)

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