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Anna Beller is an experimental painter and digital artist from Berlin working in Hannover. She experiments with colour relationships and its transparencies in acrylic soak stain-, lacquer & spray paint techniques, recently adding a pen-plotter to find an experimental symbiosis between human and automatic art expression.     

In combination with her architectural background Anna is following a minimalist digital art route - curated and exhibited by Verse, Expanded Art and VERTICAL.

Group Exhibitions in 2023

// 'Generative Abstraction and Beyond' Expanded Art + Verse, 01/2023, Berlin

// 'Generative Architecture. The Making of a Room.' ​A collaboration with Alejandro Campos - Verse, 06/2023, Online Exhibition

// Analog goes Digital' / 26. Zinnober - Trafolab, 09/2023, Hannover

// FEMGEN A group exhibition feat. 6 leading female artists working with generative systems - Glitch Gallery, 09/2023, Texas/Marfa

// Art Salon Paris ‘Node to Node’ - 10/2023 Kate Vass Gallery, Paris 

// 'ON/ OFF SCREEN' - 11/2023 VERTICAL Gallery Show, London


// 'Can painters succeed as NFT artists?' for  'Right Click Save' - 10/2022 with Danielle King (CFO/COO of ClubNFT & former manager of the Department of Painting and Sculpture at The Museum of Modern Art, New York)

// 'The Mind, Body and Soul of Abstract Art' for Expanded Art - 03/2023 with Margaret Murphy


• 1984 Born in West-Berlin

• 2008 B.Sc.Arch. TU Berlin

• 2011 M.Sc.Arch. TU Berlin 

• 2006-2010 Tutor at the Fine Arts Dep. TU Berlin 

• 2011-2019 Employed Architect in CH / UK / GER

• 2019-2022 Student at the 'Academy of Painting Berlin' 

• Since 2022 Experimental Painting, Digital Art, Creative Coding

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