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Anna Beller is an emerging experimental painter and digital artist from Berlin working in Hannover. She experiments with colour relationships and its transparencies in soak stain technique, a technique established in the 1950s by American abstract artist Helen Frankenthaler (1928-2011) and developed by Morris Louis (1912-1962): Highly thinned colours soak into unprimed canvas, generating organic shapes, movement and color overlaps.

In combination with her architectural background Anna has started to create NFT-series on and Foundation. Recently some NFTs and physical works have been curated by Verse and ExpandedArt in combination with the IRL group exhibition in Berlin 'GenerativeAbstraction and Beyond'. Read Anna's interview on 'Right Click Save' with Danielle King (CFO/COO of ClubNFT & former manager of the Department of Painting and Sculpture at The Museum of Modern Art, New York).


• 1984 born in West-Berlin

• 2008 B.Sc.Arch. TU Berlin

• 2011 M.Sc.Arch. TU Berlin 

• 2006-2010 tutor at the Fine Arts Dep. TU Berlin 

• 2011-2019 employed architect in CH / UK / GER

• 2019-2022 student at the 'Academy of Painting Berlin' 

• Since 2022 digital art & NFTs

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